Your home away from home. The Airesbuenos Community!

If you enjoy meeting people and learning from different cultures, Airesbuenos is for you.  We host people from all over the world and our Chilean embassadors usually enjoy sharing Chilean culture with them.

Enjoy breakfast at our community table every morning. Make music, sing, play… Make friends, find a lover. The sky is the limit.

Hostel Services

Its all about the details says Viella. The difference between a good stay and an exceptional stay is in the detail.  While our accommodations are simple, we strive to make your experience pleasurably memorable.

Attentive Receptionists and City Information

The Airesbuenos experience begins the moment you arrive.  We can receive you starting at 8:30 with a cup of tea and  tourist information while you wait for your room.  Check in is at 15:30 with free baggage storage available.

Our mostly bi-lingual staff is available from 8:30-23:30 to attend to your every need.  24 hour access to hostel  once checked in. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  We hope you will agree.

High Speed Wifi Included

Everyone needs to stay connected these days.  Wifi access throughout the hostel including the garden for private phone calls.

Healthy Continental Breakfast Included

Start your day with a cup of fresh ground coffee and selected teas, homemade muesli and fresh fruits, local whole wheat bread, butter and jams. Early breakfast and lactose free options available.

Greenhouse Kitchen

Our greenhouse kitchen overlooks the garden and is well equipped. Opened 24 hours with gas cooking available until 23:00. Complimentary tea service available with fresh mint in the garden for herbal infusions.

Spacious Common Areas

The entire second floor is dedicated to common areas and garden. Our living room includes a wide screen TV with Netflix and Cable.  Our book exchange is full of books to trade, guide books to help plan and games to play.  And if you are feeling musical, our guitar will accompany you!

The Secret Garden and BBQ Area

Most people are surprised to find our secret garden on the second floor.  It is an oasis on in the middle of the city! The small food forest has a variety of edibles when in season.  The covered smoking and BBQ area is available for your use 24 hours.

A Brief History

Airesbuenos Hostel was the first hostel of its kind in Valdivia. Lionel founded the hostel in 2002 at its original General Lagos location. He imprinted a unique Argentinian style on the hostel with hand-painted murals of classic Argentine themes.  The rooms are named after short stories written by Argentine author Jorege Borges; Teritus, Uqbar, Tlön, Orbis, Cautiva, Laberinto y Omnibus.

In 2010, Viella took over the hostel and immediately added her passion for all things sustainable and Airesbuenos Hostel y Permacultura was born.  The challenge to create an eco-friendly hostel from an existing structure has been an ongoing process. The first upgrade was to upgrade the central heating with a high efficiency bio mass furnace.  Soon after all lights were retrofitted with LED bulbs, followed by double panes window, solar water heating panels.  Composting and recycling systems were improved and on and on… Every year, there is something new.

What is Permaculture ?

Many people ask us what it means. In a nutshell, Permaculture is a sustainable design method that strives to produce no waste and incorporates three design ethics: Care of the planet, Care of the people and Fair Share.

Community is also an important element in Permaculture design and what better place than a hostel to practice community building. So when you come, we ask that you enjoy your temporary community, share with them and most importantly, respect them.

“Waste Not Want Not.”
The proverb applies more today than ever…
Care of the Planet, Care of the People, Fair Share. The permaculture design ethics are our guiding principles.

Airesbuenos Hostel is an aspiring urban permaculture Hostel. We work hard to reduce our carbon footprint. We hope you will too.

  • All organic waste is composted on site
  • Recycling of all plastic bottles, glass and aluminum
  • Low voltage LED lights throughout
  • Solar hot water and Biomass heating
  • Double panel windows
  • Low flow water-heads in bathrooms
  • Low phosphate detergent for washing
  • Filtered water to eliminate the need for bottled water
  • Food sharing areas
  • Grey-water recycling
  • Rainwater catchment tank and recycling
  • And a bunch of little things that make a difference…