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The Airesbuenos Hostel Volunteer Hall of Fame

One of the reasons  our hostel is so unique is because of the great people who are attracted to our sustainable mission and the volunteers who come to share their skills with us.  Below is a tribute to the many volunteers who have come to Airesbuenos to participate in our work exchange program.  If it were not for these wonderful people, we would not be able to make the magic happen!!!  We love you guys!!!!!!!!!








Dec-March 2016-2017

Sarah came to us with  university degree in tourism and fluency in Spanish which made her an essential part of the team rapidly.

Her lovely smile and gentle manner made her a favorite with our guests.  She helped so much in recpetion and practically ran
the on her own at times.  She was especially helpful in organizing parties and events.  That in addition to her excellent Spanish
skills made her one of our favorites this year.


Jan-Abril 2017

Our first Dane,  Jonas studys forestry in Denmark and came to do an internship in the Forest Farmacy.  His inquistive nature and intense love of nature made him a natural for the forest project.  He developed a series of nature trails in the Valdivian Rain Forest and helped identify the many species present in the forest as well as their curative properties.  He was also key to the development of the Rocket Stove sauna project the summer of 2017.! 


Mama Sow, France

March 2014

Mama Sow came to Aires Buenos with a strong and determined work ethic. Already gifted with an international tongue she recieved guests in French, Chinese, English, and Spanish, always with a smile on her face. She was a utility player who could do a little of everything and was a great addition to the Hostal.


Seth, Hopi, USA

January 2014

Seth, the man with a plan but no home. He arrived at Aires Buenos after hitchhiking all the way from Arizona. The journey took him just about a year and he has a beard-full of stories to back it up. He was a great help constructing a rapid composting system and an outdoor shed at the Hostal. 


Micah, USA

 March - April 2013


Micah came to us from the west coast of the United States of America
to finish rain water catchment system in the forest farmacy.  Due to his
hard work and vast knowledge, our retreat has water at last as well awe
some multitude of other projects he was able to knock out in recordtime at the Forest Farmacy



Sandra, Germany

Oct. 2012 - March 2013


Sandra came to us from East Germany and in true German style
worked dilegently on the systems in the hostel to be one of our most
productive volunteers yet. 
She programmed the lovely website you see today, set up a new online reservation system, organized the signage and so much more!

Francesca, Italy

January 2013 - March 2013


Francesca was our first Italian volunteer. Her passionate for life made for a great
summer in the hostel.  The best part was laughing with her while she spoke Spanish, or was that Italian. You will be the judge.


Adi, Ireland

Dec 2012 - February 2013


Adi came to us via Peru on her way to study in Valparisio.  Her natural creativity and acute accounting skills were invaluable during the very busy summer months.  Her lovely, easy-going nature was balanced the energy of a very diverse
summer team in the hostel.



Tomas, Chile

April  - Decembre 2012


Tomas came to us fresh out a prestigious Chilean business school to
get away from the hustle and bustle of Santiago and experience the
charm of Valdivia and the good vibes of the hostel.  His easy going
nature and willingness to help with just about any challenge before
him was a god send.  He worked in everything from reception and
accounting to building projects in the forest farmacy.

Celine, France


We could not believe it when we received the letter of interest from
this Parisian expert in carbon footprint analysis. This experienced
professional was an excellent volunteer.  She did an entire Carbon
audit prepared financial reports, cheerfully received guests and
even learned to cut firewood.

   Maria, Grecia


When Maria was here, she never stopped moving.  One of the hardest working volunteers we have had.  She did everything and all of it with a smile and fierce competency.  She is a Human Resources professional that wanted to experience Latin America and boy are we glad she choose to come to Valdivia.


Tomas, France


Tomas  as a guest first and then came back as a volunteer.  He wanted
to start his own hostel and when he does, it will be a sure success!
A natural at making people comfortable and management.  His can
do attitude and excellent team buidling skills were gifts.

Anthony, Singapore


Anthony came to Valdivia to improve his Spanish before beginning
work on the Start up Chile project.  His superior business
skills and excellent public relations skills were invaluable. 

Julian, France


Julian was here for a short time but accomplished so much while he
was here.  He was an excellent green carpenter with equally
excellent ideas.  He built the ecological chicken coop using all
recycled materials.

Lilly,  France


Lily was born to homesteading parents and brought that knowledge
to the hostel.  She worked with Julian to produce earthen bricks,
a chicken tractor. She was also a great cook too.  Yummy.

Steve, USA


Steve is a scientist and an observer.  He worked on making a rocket
stove and was able to find the materials and build the prototype.  We
are still waiting for another volunteer who can make it happen.

Camilla, Chile


Camila worked a busy summer with us.  She is Chilean born in Canada,
Her excellent language skills and loving nature blessed the people
who came to the hostel. Not to mention all that great natural juice she
prepared from fruits from the garden!


Pierline, France


Pierline came to us from Corsica to experience Chile.  She
installed Ubuntu on all the hostel computers, set up the wifi network
and worked reception.  She also built the chicken coop and loved to
chop wood!

Karla, Chile


Karla is a landscape architectural student from Santiago. She
designed our garden and built a waterfall for our duck Gardel.

Daniel, Columbia


Daniel worked reception during the winter while studying Business
at the  University Austral de Chile. He is a master at maintaining
order without being harsh. 

Samir. Brazil


Samir stayed at the hostel while studying Acoustical engineering at
the UACh.  He was essential in the installation of the rainwater
catchment system at the hostel.

Remy, France


Remy was so much fun.  He built the sun roof on our patio, helped with the natural paint projects in the new addition and did so much more we can not even list
it all. 

Christian, Germany


Crisitan was a dream come true.  He arrived at the hostel when the
list of things to do was overwhelming.  A professional tradesman
from Bavaria, he reupholstered the furniture, made custom beds,
built out the kitchen and so much more!

Thibault, France


Thibault came to us from Lyon, France to do his university internship.
He learned Spanish quickly and was able to receive guests from all
parts of the world with French charm.  He also developed a survey
for guests, helped in the natural paint project and much more.

Pierre, France                     

 Pierre was the first volunteer to arrive under the new management. He came from the mountains in France and was a wonderful gardener.  He spoke no English or Spanish when he arrived but somehow managed to communicate.  He was also an excellent cook for which we were all very grateful.









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