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Airesbuenos hostel and Permaculture is open 365 days a year and has a permanent work trade program for a select number of volunteers.  The program is open year round and the number of volunteers varies depending on the season.

Here is a list of the kind of positions we generally are looking for.  If you have other special apitudes that you would like to offer, feel free to contact us as well.

Reception and Guest Public Relations

Carpentry and Maintenance

Tour Developer

Green Architect

Graphic Designer

Generally speaking, everyone does a little of everything but we try to adjust the internship to fit the skills of the person.  Food is mostly vegetarian based and everyone is expected to help out with cooking and cleaning.  We have a full time cleaning person but light cleaning and consciousness of space is required of everyone.  Hours will vary depending on the type of work contributed.

Here is some basic informacion about the the exchange.  If you are interested after reading this, please let us know and the dates that you would be available. 

Airesbuenos Hostel is located in southern Chile, in the center of Valdivia.  Valdivia is a small town with 8 universities so it is the cutlural center of souther Chile.
It rains alot in Valdivia but does not generally get cold enough to snow.  The warmest time of year is from December to March.  The Hostel has been operating in the city for 10 years, three of which have been under the management of Viella, a California native with a passion for permaculture.  The hostel strives to reduce its carbon footprint by providing a hands on learning experience for the guests that stay with us..   All guests are given a tour to inform them about our conservation practices.
There is also a forest retreat twenty minutes away which is available for guests and interns to visit and learn about the Valdivian temperate rainforest. 
We are looking for enthusiastic helpers with a strong work ethic and strong sense of environmental responability.  While we maintain an informal atmosphere, we are NOT a party hostel will not tolerate unprofessional behaviour by any of our staff.
Independent projects are available depending on your interest and strengths.  Conditions will vary depending on your skill set and time frame.
Receptionists recieve a shared dorm room, and two meals a day (breakfast and lunch and dinner, one load of laundry/week and a monthly stipend in exchange for five work days a week.
 The work is diverse, and a can do attitude is essential.
The bulk of reception entails receiving guests, checking them in, explaining the hostel proceedures and a bit about Valdivia.   There is also a fair amount of internet work that is done, ranging from responding to email reservations to updating social network sites.  
We pride ourselves on a very high standard of customer service as is reflected in our independent ratings.   
 We requrie a minimum 10 week commitment and provide training. The stipend is paid at the end of the month so work traders need to have enough money to hold them over.  You must provide proof of insurance to work here.
 If you would like to read more about Valdivia and the surrounding areas, please review the following link.
If interested in applying, please send a letter of interest and a summary of what you can contribute to the hostel along with dates that you will be available.
Our email is reservas at
Hope to hear from you soon!!



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Cel/Whatsapp: +56 9 5117 2731
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