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Latest Events

Thursday February 22
Expó Outdoor en Valdivia
Thursday February 22
Expo Outdoor Valdivia
Thursday February 22
Expó Outdoor en Valdivia
Saturday February 24
Tren El Valdiviano
Saturday February 24
“Trail Camp SELVA NOCTURNA”, Corral


Day 1: Walk in Valdivia

On your first day in Valdivia, explore the town! Walk Avenida Picarte until you stumble upon Torreón del
Bar-ro (1). Return via the riverfront Avenida Prat and enjoy the river activity and view. Follow the river
until you reach the fish market (2), where you can’t miss Valdivia’s famous sea lions. Step into the
Mercado Municipal (2) if you’re looking for souvenirs or local food. Continue to the Submarine Naval
Museum (3) and go for lunch at local favorite La Ultima Frontera (4). Walk back via the riverfront and
cross the bridge over to Isla Teja to discover Valdivia’s museums (5) (the museum of Contemporary Art,
the Historical Museum and Museo Rudolph Philippi) and its wonderful nature. Take a walk through the
botanical garden (6) and/or Parque Saval (7) with its beautiful sculpture garden and lotus pond. While
you’re in the neighborhood, grab a bite to eat or a refreshing locally brewed beer at The Growler (8), a
bar/restaurant loved by all of Valdivia. Tip: rent a bike to get around faster.