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Latest Events

Thursday February 22
Expó Outdoor en Valdivia
Thursday February 22
Expo Outdoor Valdivia
Thursday February 22
Expó Outdoor en Valdivia
Saturday February 24
Tren El Valdiviano
Saturday February 24
“Trail Camp SELVA NOCTURNA”, Corral

The world has changed. Most of us are aware of the accelerated degradation of our water,oils, forests and air quality. We must move creatively forward changing our attitudes and lifestyle to to avoid an unpleasant future of peak water and energy. However, slowing down the destruction is not enough. We must work collectively to reverse the destruction and Permaculture provides us with the skills and knowledge to this in satisfying and creative ways. Much of permaculture is repair.

We can guard our future by living lightly and consuming thoughtfully. We appear to have reached a “tipping point” or critical mass where it will not only take a small change for systems to break down. All of us can easily reduce our collective impact on the earth by acquiring permaculture skills and knowledge.

Not only have our ecosystems become more vulnerable but our lives are now also directly threatened. Urban permaculture strategies such as individual an community resilience and self reliance through design and community structures may be the only holistic model we have to build a more secure future.

At Airesbuenos Hostel, we are working to develop an interactive permaculture learning experience. Our hope is that people who share time with the collective community of the hostel, will learn and share permaculture practices during their stay.

We have a long way to go but one of the basic permaculture strategies is “start small”. We invite you to to embark on the permaculture journey by staying with us and sharing your experience and be willing to learn from ours.


See you soon in Valdivia

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